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You cannot describe it, you can only reveal it, and when you do you disappear.
~ Hari Dass Baba

Steve Chappell, E-RYT, has studied and practiced yoga with the Self Realization Fellowship, Ananda
Marga Society, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Siddha Yoga Dham Association, Himalayan
Institute of Yoga, the Hard and the Soft Astanga Yoga Institute, and the B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga
Association. Steve was certified to teach Iyengar Yoga in 1988 and is presently authorized to teach
Astanga (Power) Yoga by Beryl Bender Birch of The Hard & The Soft Astanga Yoga Institute. Steve
has also completed Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series Teacher Training with David Swenson and studied
with many other local, national, and internationally known teachers.


Classes are offered at various locations in Beavercreek, Bellbrook, Centerville, and Kettering. Please
visit the
Schedule page of this website for class days, times, fees, registration, and other information.
You may also email or call 937-293-2050 if you have any questions.


Fees for yoga classes vary at different locations. For private yoga instruction at my studio, the fee is
$75 per hour or sliding scale based on the principle of
Dana (generosity) in which you give from your
heart an amount determined by the value of what you believe you have received and/or your ability to
pay. Please see the
Schedule page for fee information at various sites and the Meditation page for a
further description of

Class Descriptions:

Hatha Yoga and Yoga (Beginning & Continuing) is a system of relaxation, breathing, exercise, and
meditation designed to reduce stress, increase energy, and improve strength, flexibility, balance,
alignment, cardio-vascular endurance, and concentration leading to health and self-awareness. In this
class you will learn and practice techniques that will cleanse, detoxify, and purify the body, mind,
emotions, and spirit for stress-management, health, and self-realization. Yoga can also improve self-
esteem, confidence, decision-making, and insight into everyday problems. This class will be an eclectic
style of yoga and meditation based on sound principles of traditional yoga practice. It is a mixed level
yoga class suitable for beginners and continuing students with yoga experience.

Hatha Yoga (Intermediate) is a continuation of the Hatha Yoga class for students who have prior
experience with yoga and are prepared for a more challenging practice. We will explore and practice
more advanced techniques such as inversion poses, arm balances, transitional movements (vinyasa
flow), and investigate more refined techniques of alignment, breath control, and meditation.

Free Style Yoga is a unique style of yoga class offering an intuitive and creative approach to practice
where you listen inwardly for guidance about what posture or movement is right for you in the
moment. The class will begin and end with instruction, relaxation, and meditation in order to cultivate
and develop awareness of our innate intelligence of knowing and following what’s right or wrong in
every aspect of our lives on or off the yoga mat. Popular & inspirational music will be played
throughout the class in order to support spontaneous yoga postures, creative movement, and the ability
to listen within for one’s inner guidance.

Ashtanga/Power Yoga (Beginning/Modified) is a Beginners Instructional class based on the Primary
Series of Ashtanga Yoga
as taught by Beryl Bender Birch and David Swenson. Sometimes referred to
Power Yoga, this traditional system of yoga is more physically challenging than a typical hatha yoga
class. This style of yoga is cleansing, purifying, and therapeutic with an emphasis on strength,
flexibility, balance, musculo-skeletal alignment, endurance, and concentration. Although we will
Ashtanga Yoga in a relaxed, fun, and approachable way, this class is for those students who
are reasonably fit with prior yoga experience.

Intro to Yoga and Gentle Yoga is a program that offers a safe, therapeutic, and restorative approach
for anyone seeking a gradual, careful, and gentle approach to developing and/or maintaining a vibrant,
healthy, and active lifestyle. Beginners to yoga at any fitness level are welcome. Exercises and
instruction will be modified to meet everyone's needs. This class teaches relaxation techniques, proper
breathing and posture, gentle stretching, and meditation for stress-management, illness recovery, pain
management, immune system enhancement, strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, energy, health,
healing, peace of mind, and overall wellness.

Senior Yoga and Yoga for Seniors is a balanced workout using the classical relaxation, breathing,
exercise, and meditation techniques of Hatha Yoga to create strength, flexibility, balance, musculo-
skeletal alignment, endurance, mental and emotional clarity, stress-management, increased energy and
vitality, and health and well-being for senior adults.

Warm Deep Stretch is a gentle (Yin) approach to yoga poses or exercises that are practiced on the
floor in a lightly heated room. The poses will be held longer than normal in order to access, gently
stretch, and rehabilitate deeper tissues of the body such as ligaments, joints, fascia (connective tissue),
and even bones. All levels are welcome to this class.

Hatha Hot Yoga is a variety of flowing poses practiced in a heated room which warms your body for
deeper stretching and flexibility. Some benefits of hot yoga are: sweating and flushing toxins out of the
body for health and healing; increased range of motion in joints, etc.; reduction and relief of back,
muscle, and arthitic pain; lowered blood pressure; boost of immune system; weight reduction;
improved circulation and energy level. This class is for beginning to continuing students with yoga

Chair Yoga is an enjoyable and refreshing routine of fitness exercises for anyone whose condition
requires exercising in and/or with a chair. Anyone who can sit in a chair can benefit from this program
of gentle breathing, stretching, and relaxation. Benefits include improved breathing, posture, flexibility,
strength, balance, coordination, circulation, blood pressure, immunity to disease, energy, stress-
reduction, and peace of mind.

Yoga & Abs is for those who want to focus on strengthening their abdominal and core muscles for a
toned and sculpted look as well as creating new patterns of stabilized movement that train your body
for routine activities, everyday chores, and movements such as carrying groceries, picking up your
kids and grandkids, and reaching up into your closet or shelf. The development of core strength
improves your posture, protects your lower back, helps to avoid injury, and produces more
effectiveness in competitive sports. Core muscles play a vital role in creating the balance, stability, and
strength we need to lead healthy, productive lives and experience overall health and well-being. Core
strengthening allows us to walk and move through life with grace and ease and is extremely important
for older adults in order to reduce the risk of injuries from falls.


Yoga is a system of personal development, wellness, therapy, health and healing that brings body,
mind, emotions, and spirit into harmony. The practice of yoga calms the mind; manages emotions;
reduces stress and tension; improves concentration, balance, strength, flexibility, musculo-skeletal
alignment, energy, endurance; and connects the practitioner to their inner essence or spirit for peace of
mind, self-discovery, and self-realization.

Equipment and Preparation:

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. Bring a mat, towel, or blanket to practice on and a cushion for
meditation if desired. You may also bring water or any other props to support and facilitate your
practice. Please do not eat a heavy meal before class.


Classes are offered at various locations or my studio. Please see the Schedule page of this web site for
further information.

Private Instruction:

Individual or private Yoga and Yoga Therapy instruction are available at my studio or your site. Fees at
your site will be higher due to travel time and related costs. Please call or email Steve for further
information and/or an appointment.
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~ Testimonies ~
Steve Chappell is our extraordinary Meditation and Yoga teacher... he is also our Life
Coach and personal mentor. He has inspired our personal growth and development and
opened new ways of thinking and coping. Wendy and I are forever grateful for Steve.
~ Steve W. and Wendy L.
I agree with Steve and Wendy! Steve Chappell is a tremendous and caring Meditation and
Yoga teacher. His Life Coaching is top notch and I, too, am forever grateful for his
mentoring. He has changed my life for the better! Thank you Steve.
~ Barb L.
Steve taught me the basics of yoga so well and so patiently to this day I am still practicing
and have progressed greatly. I will never forget him!!
~ Karen M.
Hey Steve, thank you for all of your teaching and support with meditation and yoga.... and,
well, life! We are grateful and honored to know you.
~ Steve W. & Wendy L.
Just wanted to tell you how much Joe and I have enjoyed your yoga classes.
They seem better and better with each session. We really feel like we have
had a good workout when we leave and also feel less stressed. In fact, your
classes have become so large, you may have enough participation to offer it 2
nights per week - we would be interested! I do believe it really helps my
knee and hip with the flexibility and to decrease pain. Hopefully, I can
continue to postpone knee and hip replacement through yoga.
~ Joe and Debbie M.

I still think you should record your guided meditations that you do for yoga. They
seem to help me more than any of the ones I go to on the internet.

I also wanted to repeat that my joint pain (sacroiliac) has virtually disappeared! I
expected it to come back with the cold weather, but it hasn't yet! I do still feel it
slightly at times, but before I did yoga, it was becoming increasingly painful for
about three years, and I was having to take Advil more and more often. Now I
haven't needed it at all. What yoga did for my sacroiliac joint seems like magic!

This week has been so stressful, but loved the group today. Actually, today it was
more about the group than the yoga. Everyone seemed almost giddy, lots of
laughter! I needed that so badly! I'm not really into laughter yoga, but I like
laughter WITH yoga!

I'm so grateful for your yoga class! Thank you!

~ Kathy A.
Yoga deals with your mind, body and spirit. It contributes greatly to
your health and happiness.

Your mind processes thoughts and ideas more clearly. Your body
becomes stronger, more balanced and flexible.

Your spirit or attitude becomes more positive and uplifting.

~ Bob D.
Nearly everyone was bright and bushy-tailed at the Beavercreek
senior yoga class this morning (well, except for one member who
fell asleep in a yoga pose)! Almost full attendance! We are all brave
souls, but it's also a tribute to Steve Chappell, our yoga instructor!
~ Kathy A.
Hi Steve...
I really enjoyed class last night! Again, you just seemed to know what we
needed. The core work and the balance stuff and the sun salutations... My
body was sweating really good.  I slept like a baby last night and I needed to do
that!  Thanks dear teacher!
My body is in a happy place!
Happy birthday, Steve! So glad you're in
this world and in my life! You've really
made a difference!
~ Kathy A.
I have a torn shoulder rotator cuff. The tear is over 20 years old with a more recent
smaller tear as well. Because the pain is manageable and the range of motion is
excellent the orthopod has dismissed surgery. The range of motion is due to over
10 years practicing yoga. The stretching has enhanced the range of motion and the
movement through the various postures has strengthened the muscles around the
rotator cuff to compensate for its damage.
~ Roger Alexander