Insight and Awareness
Yoga, Meditation, Consultation, Relationship Education, & Psychotherapy
All that is is a result of your thoughts.
~ The Buddha

Meditation is an ancient technique and system of training the mind, body, emotions, and spirit to be
calm, centered, focused, relaxed, present, and in harmony with self and others. This practice leads
to improved physical health, mental clarity, emotional stability, self-discovery, and spiritual
fulfillment. In private instruction or class, you will learn and practice basic techniques of
concentration, mindfulness, and meditation with primary attention focused on your breath and your
body. You will learn how to apply meditation in your daily life with the ultimate goal of
self-realization. Class structure and private instruction will include interactive discussion, gentle
yoga stretches, and meditation practice.


The practice of meditation calms the mind and emotions and therefore is therapeutic and healing.
Meditation improves mindfulness, focus, and concentration; increases awareness, intuition, and
insight; enhances energy and creativity; reduces stress, tension, and reactivity;
helps to manage
anger, fear, panic, anxiety, depression, addicti
ve behavior, and pain; balances blood pressure;
strengthens the immune system
helping to prevent and heal illness and disease; leads to inner
peace, and awakens connection to one's true self.


Steve Chappell, M.S., E-RYT,  has studied and practiced meditation with the Self Realization
Fellowship, Ananda Marga Society, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Siddha Yoga Dham
Association, Himalayan Institute of Yoga, The Hard & The Soft Astanga Yoga Institute, Insight
Meditation Society, Vipassana Meditation Center, Kwan Um School of Zen, and Gar Drolma
Buddhist Center. His approach to meditation is based primarily on mindfulness (Insight) meditation
as taught by John Kabat-Zinn, Joseph Goldstein, Jack Kornfield, and S.N. Goenka. He is also
influenced by the teachings of Larry Rosenberg, Rebecca Bradshaw, Zen Master Seung Sahn,
Daniel Terragno Roshi, Swami Muktananda, Paramahansa Yogananda, Swami Rama, H.H. the Dalai
Lama, H.E. Garchen Rinpoche, Khenchen Konchog Gyaltshen Rinpoche, Baba Ram Das, Sally
Kempton, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, and others.


Classes and private instruction are held at my studio in the Executive Building, Kettering, Ohio.
Class and space size are limited, so students will receive personalized attention. Please visit the
Schedule page of this website for class days, times, fees, and other information. You may also call
#937-293-2050 or email if you have any questions.
New or returning
students, please call or email before coming to class and check for cancellations.


Classes and private instruction at my site are ongoing with a $10 drop-in fee for a one and a half
hour class and $75 per hour for private instruction. Fees at your site will be higher due to travel
time and related costs. Fees are also offered with a sliding scale based on the principle of
The Buddhist principle of
Dana (generosity or giving) means that the teachings are given freely
because they are considered priceless. The teacher relies on donations from students for his income
and livelihood. Monetary offerings are given from the heart determined by the value of what you
believe you have received and/or your ability to pay. You are encouraged to be as generous as you
are able.

Equipment and Preparation:

Please wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes and bring a mat, blanket, or cushion to lie or sit on.
Chairs will be available to those who so desire. You may also bring water and a warm wrap or
shawl. Try not to eat a heavy meal before class or private instruction. Meditation class and private
instruction are open to all skill levels and suitable for any age, ability, experience, religion or
religious affiliation. All are welcome.

Private Instruction:

Individual or private Meditation instruction is also available at my studio or your site. The fee is $75
per hour or sliding scale based on the principle of
Dana (see description above). Fees will be higher
at your site due to travel time and related costs. Please call or email Steve for more information
and/or appointment.


Executive Building
1250 West Dorothy Lane, Suite 208
Kettering, OH 45409
~ Testimonies ~
Steve Chappell is our extraordinary Meditation and Yoga teacher... he is also our Life Coach and
personal mentor. He has inspired our personal growth and development and opened new ways of
thinking and coping. Wendy and I are forever grateful for Steve.
~ Steve W. and Wendy L.
I agree with Steve and Wendy! Steve Chappell is a tremendous and caring Meditation and Yoga
teacher. His Life Coaching is top notch and I, too, am forever grateful for his mentoring. He
has changed my life for the better! Thank you Steve.
~ Barb L.
Hey Steve, thank you for all of your teaching and support with meditation and yoga.... and, well,
life! We are grateful and honored to know you.
~ Steve & Wendy
For these too are foods, as much needed
by the psyche as proper diet is for the
body. The mental and spiritual need
spiritual food, seeking the quiet,
meditation and considering spiritual

Look into that closed room, the
empty chamber where brightness is
born! Fortune and blessing gather
where there is stillness. But if
you do not keep still -- this is not what
is called sitting but racing around.
~ Chuang Tzu, Basic Writings
Taking refuge with Khenchen Konchog Gyaltshen Rinpoche at the Gar Drolma Buddhist Center
Traditionally we begin meditation retreats by taking refuge. This act has deep
meaning. We take refuge in Buddha, in Dharma, and in Sangha--in the awakened
mind, in the path to awakening, and in the community of all those on that path.
Taking refuge in Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha draws to our aid very powerful
liberating forces that help buoy us up through the inevitable times of challenge and
Joseph Goldstein, Insight Meditation: The Practice of Freedom
I take refuge in the dharma.
I take refuge in the sangha."

In the Buddhist tradition, the purpose of taking refuge in the Buddha,
the dharma, and the sangha is to awaken from confusion and associate
oneself with wakefulness. Taking refuge is a matter of commitment and
acceptance and, at the same time, of openness and freedom. By taking
the refuge vow, we commit ourselves to freedom.
~ Shambhala Sun
A don't-know mind is before-thinking mind.
Before thinking is clear like space.
Clear like space is clear like mirror.
~ Zen Master Seung Sahn
When we practice active concentration, we welcome
whatever comes along. We don't think about or long for
anything else. We just dwell in the present moment with
all our being. Whatever comes, comes.
~ Thich Nhat Hanh
True happiness can only come from within yourself, and it can
only be developed inwardly. It can never really come from
external things like material objects or outer circumstances.
Khenpo Sandup, from Learning Buddhism: Source of
Temporary and Permanent Happiness0
Dharma Hall-Grailville (Ohio)
Altar,Vipassana Retreat-Grailville (Ohio)
Wherever you go, there you are.
~ Jon Kabat-Zinn
~ Noodles, Kitty Koan